Silence on joue – Take 2


Release date : October 28th, 2016

Angèle Dubeau has enjoyed an exceptional career for 40 years, one that has taken her to the great concert halls of the world in more than 40 countries. Her virtuosity and musicianship have been honored with numerous national and international awards. Appreciated for both her spellbinding playing and her generosity of spirit, Angèle Dubeau remains an artist beloved by audiences, with whom she has forged a very special connection. Angèle Dubeau has topped the Canadian classical-music charts for many years, with career sales of more than 600,000 albums and upwards of 30 million streams going out in over 100 countries.

Her previous album, Portrait: Ludovico Einaudi, was named “Best contemporary classical violin album” in the world by iTunes in 2015, and has now been listened to 12 million times on the various streaming platforms.

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