Angèle Dubeau’s violin

Angèle 2.1

Did you know that Angèle played her first concert with her stradivarius in 1977? We see her here playing a Mendelssohn concerto with the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra. It all starts in 1946. That year, like many other quebecers, two of Angèle’s aunts make a small contribution to a fundraiser held in a Quebec church to help the great violinist Arthur Leblanc for the purchase of a violin. Thirty years later, in 1976, recalling this anecdote, Angèle Dubeau and her father seek the violinist and find him in Quebec, on…St-Angèle street! After listening to the young and talented girl, he agrees to part with his precious instrument. Angèle’s instrument was made by the greatest violin maker of all times, Antonio Stradivarius, in his workshop located in Cremona, Italy, in 1733. The official name of Angèle’s violin is Des Rosiers. In most cases, the Stradivarius has a specific name, usually the name of the family that owned it first. The Des Rosiers family lived in Lyon and owned the violin for more than one century before it became Angèle’s. Angèle, for her part has nicknamed her violin “Arthur”, as a tribute to Arthur Leblanc, and in memory of the great Acadian virtuoso who blessed her with the instrument with which she has won the hearts of her fans ever since. Sometimes, when invited to perform in certain countries, Angèle leaves her Stradivarius at home. On such occasions, she plays on another violin, a French piece from 1864, signed Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume.