Concerts for the youth

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Inspired by the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice, La Pietà is an all-female string orchestra composed of some of the best musicians in the country. Since the funding of the orchestra in 1997, La Pietà has been performing in the most prevalent concert halls around the world, becoming a proud ambassador of Canadian talent both nationally and internationally.

Angèle Dubeau O.C., C.Q. is the funder and artistic director of this ensemble. As one of the most accomplished musicians in Canada, this violinist virtuoso has been leading an exceptional career for 36 years in more then 40 countries. Numerous prizes and distinctions worldwide have rewarded her talent, virtuosity and musicianship. Accessible music to the widest public possible has always been considered a necessity for the musician.

In addition to her musical career, Angèle Dubeau became a well-known host for Radio-Canada, conceiving shows such as the popular “Faites vos gammes”, a show devoted to young aspiring musicians. She has the expertise and is considered a reference for, amongst other things, elaborating captivating programs for a younger public.

Le Printemps de la Pietà is a series of concerts dedicated to underprivileged children in order to allow them to experience classical music in an approachable, yet official setting. Her communication skills, added to her ease in transmitting her musical passion and knowledge, allow for students to encounter music in a way that they have never seen before.

The concerts consist in a spatial and temporal escapade through the musical centuries, presenting an array of composers, cultures and styles. The children’s musical adventures are therefore punctuated with pedagogical initiatives. Angèle Dubeau addresses them directly, explaining the importance of the composers who can evoke souvenirs, personal images and human emotions through their work.

The concert is also an opportunity for the students to learn about the string family of instruments, and about their different sonorities and colors. The orchestra performs a variety of musical pieces, from traditional music to more modern, and perhaps more evocative pieces for them, such as excerpts from their album “Game Music”.

The originality and creativity of La Pietà’s performances are what have contributed in building the orchestra’s notoriety. Composer Telemann said: “music should not be the prerogative of an exclusive elite, but rather a common good”. The democratization of music remains a priority for Angèle Dubeau, and the musicians of La Pietà share this conviction that greatly influences their musical approach to the various publics.