• Lauch of the album “A Time for Us”, a compilation of the best soundtrack music (January)
  • Tour in Quebec (Feb. to April)
  • First concert at the Maison Synphonique de Montréal (Feb.)
  • Tour in Ontario (March to Sept.)
  • Concert at the Palais Montcalm in Quebec City (Mars)
  • Concert for the 15th anniversary of La Pietà in the new Salle Bourgie Concert hall of the Montreal Fine Arts Museum (April)
  • Free concerts for the youth in five different regions of Montreal (April, May)
  • First collaboration with the SMCQ and concert in the Salle Pierre-Mercure (May)
  • Lauch of the album “Game Music”, a compilation of the best video game music (Oct.)
  • Annual Fundraiser with M. Charles Sirois as honorary President (june)
  • Tour in Mexico (Sept.)
  • Tour in Poland at the prestigious Tansman festival (November)
  • Special Infernal Violins Tour at the Palais Montcalm in Quebec City, the Maison Symphonique in Montreal and the Salle Marcellin-Champagnat in Laval (November)
  • First series of Christmas concerts for the elders (December)


  • Concert in Yorton/Saskatchewan and in Sault Ste-Marie/Ontario (January)
  • Launch of the CD Portrait: John Adams (February)
  • Tour in USA (Illinois, 2 concerts in California, New-York) and a concert in Vancouver (March)
  • Concerts in Toronto (March)
  • Concerts in Quebec: Montreal, Quebec City, Montmagny and Baie Du-Febvre (March and April)
  • Concerts in Guatemala (April)
  • Annual Fundraiser with Mrs. Christine St-Pierre, Ministre de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition Féminine, as honorary President (April)
  • 4 morning concerts for children in Montreal (April)
  • Tour in Mexico (Oct.)
  • Christmas Concerts in Ottawa, St-Jean sur Richelieu and Shawinigan (December)


  • Ontario Tour (February)
  • Western Canada Tour (April)
  • Annual Fundraiser with Mr André Caillé as honorary President (june)
  • Concerts in China at the Pavillon du Canada (May)
  • Various Festivals in Ottawa, St-Sauveur and Saguenay (August)
  • Recording of the CD Noël (August)
  • Fête de la Musique de Tremblant (September)
  • Tour in the US: New York, Lansdale, Washington D.C. (Sept.)
  • USA Tour (September) – Concert in Niagara (November)
  • Christmas Concerts in Jonquière, St-Hyacinthe, Place des Arts (Montreal) and in Almonte (Ontario) (November and December)


  • Bermuda Festival (February)
  • Launching of the CD Gargantua et autres plaisirs , Concert at the Theatre Maisonneuve of La Place des Arts (February)
  • Annual Fundraiser with Mr Pierre Seccaraccia as honorary President (February)
  • Quebec Tour Gargantua et autres plaisirs (8 concerts) (February and April)
  • Quebec Tour Myth et Legends (January – November)
  • Festival de Jazz de Montréal (June 30, July 1 and 2)
  • Maritimes Tour (July)
  • South America Tour (Mexico and Guatemala) (October)
  • USA Tour (November)
  • Quebec Tour Christmas  concerts (December)


  • British Columbia and Alberta Tour (8 concerts)
  • Latin America Tour (5 concerts)
  • USA Spring Tour (8 concerts): New York (2), Pennsylvania (4), Illinois (1),
  •   Idaho (1)
  • Launch of the web CD Gypsies (June)
  • CD recording Philip Glass/ Portrait” 
  • Quebec Tour (9 concerts)
  • CD recording  “Gargantua et autres plaisirs”
  • USA Autumn Tour (4 concerts) : Missouri (1), New-Mexico (1),
  •   California (2)
  • Recording of the “Merry Christmas” card


  • USA Tour: Pennsylvania (2 concerts), Ohio (2 concerts)
  • Montreal HighLights Festival, Radio-Canada recording
  • Annual Fundraiser with M. Michael Fortier, Ministre des Travaux Public et Services Gouvernementaux, as honorary President
  • 10th Anniversary New Program Tour
  • CD recording « A Fairy Tale »
  • Play in the Island Tour, Montreal (9 concerts)
  • Ontario Tour (5 concerts)
  • Quebec tour (16 concerts)
  • Recording of the “Happy Birthday Variations” birthday card
  • Public recording in CBC’s Studio 12
  • Tour in Ontario: Winter Garden Theater, etc.


  • British Columbia Tour (4 concerts)
  • USA Tour – Florida (2 concerts), Georgia (2 concerts), California (3 concerts), Wisconsin (4 concerts) (February and March)
  • Recording and broadcast for the NPR/USA network (February)
  • Radio-Canada concert in Monkton, New Brunswick (March)
  • Quebec Tour (12 concerts) (April)
  • Annual Fundraiser with M. Michael Turcotte as honorary President
  • Nova Scotia Tour (3 concerts)


  • “Passion” Premiere at Monument National in February, additional dates in November
  • Passion” Quebec Tour (14 concerts) 
  • Live recording of a Chicago concert for a WFMT broadcast across USA
  • Concerts in Ontario
  • Opening performance at the ADISQ Gala in Montreal


  • Quebec Tour (20 concerts)
  • Concerts at the Montreal Casino (28 concerts)
  • Concerts in the Maritimes
  • Ontario Tour (7 concerts)
  • Western Canada Tour (5 concerts)
  • International Tour: 22 concerts (China, USA,  Japan)
  • CD recording in Japan of Joe Hisaishi’s works (Universal Music)
  • Launching of the CD: “Passion”


  • Quebec Tour (25 concerts)
  • Concerts in Guatemala
  • Arts and culture week in schools presided by Angèle Dubeau (under the direction of the Ministry of Education and Culture)
  • Opening Concert for Radio Canada Edmunston
  • Algoma Festival, Ontario & Monterey Bay, California
  • Annual Fundraiser with M. Yves Séguin as honorary President (june)
  • Various appearances for Radio-Canada and TV5
  • First broadcast of the “Infernal Violins” concert on PBS, Buffalo, USA


  • Audience Award by the Jean Grimaldi Theater for the Infernal Violins concert
  • Gabriel Thibaudeau named-in-residence composer for La Pietà
  • Limited edition CD launch for “Once upon a time…” compilation
  • Launch of the 6th CD “Violins of the World” (Number 1 classical music sales in Canada)
  • DVD launch of “Infernal Violins”
  • Premiere of Infernal Violins at the Vermont Mozart Festival in Burlington
  • Quebec Tour, various programs
  • Beginning of concert production for “Violins of the World” (including a performance in Montreal and additional dates)


  • USA Tour
  • Montreal HighLights Festival
  • Quebec City Summer Festival
  • Infernal Violins Tour (8 additional dates in Montreal, 40 concerts in Quebec)
  • Opening Gala of the Outremont Theater
  • Annual Fundraiser with Prime Minister Bernard Landry as honorary President (june)
  • Ontario Tour (7 concerts)
  • Production of a TV show for “Les beaux dimanches” Radio-Canada (CBC)


  • Western Canada Tour, including the Chan Centre of Vancouver (15 concerts)
  • Glenn Gould studio and broadcasting by CBC Toronto and Montreal Jazz Festival with Dave Brubeck, creation of his works
  • Creation in Montreal for the Cinémathèque Québécoise of Gabriel Thibeaudeau’s “Broken Blossoms” concert screening
  •  Launch of the 4th CD “Infernal Violins” (Number 1 in Canadian classical sales)


  • Numerous concerts for children across Quebec
  • Launch of 3rd CD: “Let’s dance”
  • Montreal International Jazz Festival with Oliver Jones
  • Radio-Canada and CBC concerts, production and reporting
  • Quebec Tour 


  • Festival international de Lanaudière
  • Launch of the CD Vivaldi Per Archi
  • Recording of the CD Berceuses et Jeux Interdits
  • Quebec Summer Festival
  • Quebec Tour
  • Almonte Arts Festival & concert for CBC Radio Two


  • First concert in Montreal, Radio-Canada national broadcast (March)
  • “Canada Day” CBC Ottawa, in presence of Her Majesty Elizabeth II
  • Glenn Gould Studio (Toronto) CBC and local broadcasting by CBC radio
  • Performance at the ADISQ Gala
  • Quebec Tour
  • CD launch: “Vivaldi per Archi”