• Angèle Dubeau, soloist and conductor

    See the BIOGRAPHY section for Angèle Dubeau's complete carrer details.[...]
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    Angèle au lancement de l’album BLANC
  • Josiane Breault, violin

    Born in Joliette in 1981, Josiane discovered her passion for violin [...]
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    Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 11.29.56 AM
  • Amélie Lamontagne, violin

    Amélie Lamontagne has studied violin at the Conservatoire de musi[...]
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  • Ana Drobac, violin

    Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Ana holds a Bachelor's degree from the Belgrade Musical Arts University as[...]
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  • Andra Giugariu, alto

    Born in Bucarest, Romania, Andra began her violin studies at the George Enescu Art School at the age[...]
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    AndraGiugariu 2010_grande
  • Laurence Leclerc, cello

    Sorry, this en[...]
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    LaurenceLeclerc 2015
  • Stéphanie Domaschio, double bass

    Born in the Outaouais region in the city of Aylmer, Stéphanie Domaschio started studying the double[...]
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  • Amélie Fortin, piano

    Born in Lac St-Jean, pianist Amélie Fortin holds a Masters Degree in interpretation from the Univer[...]
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    Amelie Fortin SMALL